The Confederated Worlds

The purpose of all other combat arms is to put the infantryman in sole possession of the battlefield.
A thousand years from now, while Earth sleeps in virtual reality, three polities—the Confederated Worlds, the Unity, and the Progressive Republic—strive to connect the scattered, terraformed worlds of humankind by artificial wormholes. When they meet, they clash, in a decades-long struggle of arms embroiling the settled galaxy, in which dedication to duty liberates worlds—and oneself.

The Confederated Worlds series is published by CV-2 Books.


The Confederated Worlds, Book 1

Take the Shilling
The Confederated Worlds implanted in Tomas’ brain the skills to make him a soldier. He had to learn for himself how to survive interstellar war.

Tomas Neumann sought escape from his backwater planet and overbearing mother, and a mentor to replace his long-dead father. “Taking the shilling”—enlisting in the Confederated Worlds military—promised both. But despite the soldier’s skills implanted in his brain, combat still threatened to destroy him, in body and in spirit. Grieving for lost comrades, demoralized by a spiral of atrocities, could Tomas learn what he needed to survive, before facing his war’s ultimate challenge?


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The Confederated Worlds, Book 2


The Confederated Worlds lost the war.
Can Lt. Tomas Neumann win the peace?

By the terms of the peace treaty, the citizens of the planet Arden will vote to stay in the Confederated Worlds or join the victorious Progressive Republic. Newly-minted Lieutenant Tomas Neumann leads his overstretched and demoralized Confederated Worlds Ground Force platoon in a mission that pushes men and machines to their limits, against elusive, deceptive foes out to tilt Arden to the Progressive Republic—and turn the Confederated Worlds against itself.


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Operation Iago bonus material:

Inspiration (“novel acorn“)

The strange, terraformed world of Arden

A sketch of the scenario in Chapter 2


The Confederated Worlds, Book 3

A Bodyguard of Lies (The Confederated Worlds, Book 3)

Assigned to the halls of power, only Capt. Tomas Neumann can save the Confederated Worlds from the ultimate treachery

After bold action brings him the favor of the Confederated Worlds’ new president, Tomas finds himself in an arena more dangerous than combat: Politics.

Battling assassins, spies, and pervasive surveillance, Tomas discovers a shocking truth, and journeys from luxurious temples to secret police brain scanning chambers in a desperate mission to prevent the destruction of the Confederated Worlds.

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Take the Shilling, Operation Iago, and A Bodyguard of Lies

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