In Memoriam: Neil Peart

I became a fan of Rush back in the early ’80s, the first time I heard Tom Sawyer over the radio from KBFL, at the time the student-run radio station out of Buffalo (MO) High School. The three members of the band were all virtuosos on their instruments, but the thing that raised them above …

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Not a manifesto

Some science fiction writers publish manifestos. I’m suspicious of that. Number 1, they’re always some attempt to dress up in fancy verbiage the concept that science fiction should change so that the manifesto writer sells more books and earns more money. Number 2, and even more important, writers who write and publish manifestos aren’t writing …

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New books

CV-2 Books has published two new books of mine, and rolled out “print singles” editions of some short stories, so far in 2019. Here are the covers and links to more information. A Mighty Fortress

James Bond in Space!?

As you might have noticed from my homepage, I’ve been working on a series of science fiction spy thrillers. And yes, one of my internal code names for this project is James Bond in Space. I watched my first James Bond movie at around the same age as I became a science fiction addict, so …

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“Take the Shilling” in CYBORG CITY ebook bundle – preorder now – on sale September 29, 2017

Ebook bundles are a great way to find new authors in genres you love. My novel Take the Shilling will be part of the Cyborg City ebook bundle (Amazon, Kobo, and more presale links at Bundlerabbit). That’s 11 exciting science fiction stories for just $3.99! Here’s the full list of titles. – “T.I.N. Men” by …

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