Things I learned at Clarion West

For those unfamiliar, Clarion West is an intensive six-week residential workshop for aspiring and neopro science fiction writers, held in Seattle. I went in 2001, as one of seventeen students learning from Octavia Butler, Bradley Denton, Nalo Hopkinson, Connie Willis, Ellen Datlow, and Jack Womack. Here are some things I learned, in no particular order: …

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SFWA Grand Masters

As you may know, Connie Willis will be named an SFWA Grand Master at Nebula Awards weekend this May. She joins a long, distinguished list of recipients going back to the first honoree, Robert Heinlein, in 1975. (Sorry for the link to La Wik, but the link from Google’s search results to SFWA’s page of …

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Driverless cars

Via Virginia Postrel, an op/ed piece by Bob Bruegmann has some thoughts on driverless cars’ impact on urban life.  Since sf colors how I think, I found the lack of thought-through details disappointing. The main take-away is “driverless cars wouldn’t necessarily lead to more sprawl,” which suggests to me the piece is intended to lodge …

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My first epub sale

I want to thank whomever bought a copy of “Selling Short” from the Kindle store sometime November 3-4, 2011.  I’ve never been more proud to earn $0.35.  Comment here or drop me a line at raymund – at – raymundeich – dot – com.