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Welcome to the home page of science fiction and fantasy author Raymund Eich. You might have read my short stories in Analog or the charity anthology Surviving Tomorrow. I’m the author of The Confederated Worlds military science fiction series. The Stone Chalmers science fiction spy series. Solo novels The Reincarnation Run and Azureseas: Cantrell’s War. And many more novels, short novels, and short stories.

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Stealing Fire from the Gods

Cover of "Stealing Fire from the Gods: Six Speculative Fictions" by Raymund Eich

Do you only read speculative fiction that’s predictable? Filtered by sensitivity readers? Rewritten to the critical taste of a creative writing professor? Validated by a New York publisher*? Or that hits every trope, and only every trope, of one particular bookstore subcategory? Then this collection probably isn’t for you.

On the other hand, you might like speculative fiction where the author follows the muse wherever it leads him. Across time and space. Across genres and subgenres. From serious to humorous. Following characters male or female, young or middle aged, black or white.

If that sounds like something you’d enjoy, come on in.

Six Speculative Fictions

Azureseas: Cantrell’s War

Cantrell didn’t question his ‘animal control’ mission on the tropical planet of Azureseas. Then a scrap of troubling evidence came to him out of thin air. A complete novel!

A Fistful of Monopoles

The alien derelict held a fortune in magnetic monopoles. A fortune the two men agreed to split fifty-fifty. A dangerous retrieval… but Bartlett had his back.

Bodacious Ursula and the Phone Call from Hell

Old boyfriends never call. Especially when they’re twenty years dead. A contemporary fantasy about second chances and making things right.

Seven Out

Three young men. One telekinetic power. From a street craps game in the ’hood to the high-roller tables in Vegas, how far will they let it ride?

Iphigenia of Khufu

Iphigenia peeked at the docked ship. She craved an escape from the conformist culture of her home asteroid colony. But with this pilot?

Return Blessing

Living a lush life on the planet Valoduria, paid for by his father’s generosity, Jeffrey cheerfully accepted the gifts pressed on him by the planet’s insectoid aliens. Then they asked for something in return.

*New York gatekeepers aren’t all bad. Two of these stories previously appeared in Analog magazine.

Publishes June 24, 2024 in ebook and trade paperback. Now available for preorder at most major bookstores and direct from me at .

“You have so many books.

Where should I start?”

If you like military science fiction, Take the Shilling is free. The entire Confederated Worlds series is also available. Analog’s book reviewer said the series was “unusual for military science fiction” by focusing on “the psychology and politics of societies in conflict.”

The Progress of Mankind, Stone Chalmers #1, is a free gift to new members joining my Reader’s Club. It’s book one of the complete four-novel Stone Chalmers series of interstellar secret agent adventures. You can also buy it here.

Do you like alien encounter stories? The Consortia series features high-tech humans visiting low-tech alien planets. In The False Flag War series, our heroes decode the last message of a long-dead, highly advanced alien species—and use what they learned to try saving Earth from the same fate.

Though most of what I write is science fiction, if you’re in the mood for a fantasy with a Renaissance feel and a little bit of ooh-la-la, I had a lot of fun writing stand-alone fantasy novel A Prince of the Blood.

Of course, you can explore my full catalog by following the links in the menu above, scrolling down, or using the search box.

Happy reading!

Thanks for stopping by. Happy reading!


First off: Raymund Eich. Am I spelling it correctly? And how do you pronounce it?

That’s the correct spelling. My immigrant parents split the difference between the Anglo-French Raymond and the German Raimund.

My last name is pronounced with a long-i vowel sound, like both syllables in Einstein. The preferred consonant sound is a sh. Overall, one syllable, eye-sh.

Tough to pronounce, and also tough to spell. I’ve seen Elch, Einch, Etch, Eitch, Iech, Eric, and Erich. The misspellings used to bother me, but I’ve grown philosophical about them.

What are some of your publishing credits?

I’ve had short stories published in Analog science fiction and fact magazine, the sci fi anthology Surviving Tomorrow, and the theme anthology Boundary Shock Quarterly #17: Dieselpunk. And over a dozen novels and six short story collections are available as ebooks and paperback books, and some also as audiobooks.

Final question. Science fiction, sci fi, SF, speculative fiction, or spec fic?

Is it an adventure on future Earth, an exploration of a distant planet, a discovery beyond the limits of human knowledge, or a journey across deep space? Then I’ll read it. The genre fiction label doesn’t matter.

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