From Middle America to the ends of the Universe

Boy watching rocket launch in a green field. Combination of science fiction and Midwestern United States elements.
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Welcome to the home page of science fiction and fantasy author Raymund Eich. You might have read my short stories in Analog or the charity anthology Surviving Tomorrow. I’m the author of The Confederated Worlds military science fiction series. The Stone Chalmers science fiction spy series. Solo novels The Reincarnation Run and Azureseas: Cantrell’s War. And many more novels, short novels, and short stories.

Now Available – Extravehicular Activities: The Complete Science Fiction Stories 2021-2022

Cover of "Extravehicular Activities: The Complete Science Fiction Stories 2021-2022" by Raymund Eich

Ten short stories and a bonus speculative fact article. Includes multiple works first published in Analog magazine. Follow the link to learn more and order! This is book 4 of my Complete Science Fiction Stories series.

Want to catch up on the rest of my short story collections? Check them out!

Cover of "The First Voyages: The Complete Science Fiction Stories 1998-2012," by Raymund Eich
Cover of "Stage Separations: The Complete Science Fiction Stories 2013-2018," by Raymund Eich
Cover of "Orbital Maneuvers" by Raymund Eich

Portia Oakeshott, Dinosaur Veterinarian

All five short works in the Portia Oakeshott, Dinosaur Veterinarian series are available now. Short stories Riddlepigs and the Cryla and Minnie and the Trekker (first published in Analog), Kunbarra and the Whiteants and Loovy and the Lava, and short novel Winner and the Poacher. All are included in Extravehicular Activities.

Science Fiction Audiobooks

Prefer to listen to your star-spanning science fiction? Azureseas – Cantrell’s War, is available in audio at Audible, Amazon, and iTunes. Print and trade paperback available too! Follow the link to learn more and buy now.

Already listened to Azureseas? The full list of my audiobook titles is here.

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First off: Raymund Eich. Am I spelling it correctly? And how do you pronounce it?

That’s the correct spelling. My immigrant parents split the difference between the Anglo-French Raymond and the German Raimund.

My last name is pronounced with a long-i vowel sound, like both syllables in Einstein. The preferred consonant sound is a sh. Overall, one syllable, eye-sh.

Tough to pronounce, and also tough to spell. I’ve seen Elch, Einch, Etch, Eitch, Iech, Eric, and Erich. The misspellings used to bother me, but I’ve grown philosophical about them.

What are some of your publishing credits?

I’ve had short stories published in Analog science fiction and fact magazine, the sci fi anthology Surviving Tomorrow, and the theme anthology Boundary Shock Quarterly #17: Dieselpunk. And over a dozen novels and six short story collections are available as ebooks and paperback books, and some also as audiobooks.

Final question. Science fiction, sci fi, SF, speculative fiction, or spec fic?

Is it an adventure on future Earth, an exploration of a distant planet, a discovery beyond the limits of human knowledge, or a journey across deep space? Then I’ll read it. The genre fiction label doesn’t matter.