From Middle America to the ends of the Universe

Welcome to the home page of science fiction and fantasy author Raymund Eich. I’m the author of The Confederated Worlds military science fiction series, the Stone Chalmers science fiction spy series, and other novels, short novels, and short stories.

The first short work in the Portia Oakeshott, Dinosaur Veterinarian series, Riddlepigs and the Cryla (first published in Analog) is available now. Short novel Winner and the Poacher will publish on August 26, 2021. Follow that link to preorder now. More of Portia Oakeshott’s adventures will follow later in 2021 and into 2022.

My latest novel, Azureseas – Cantrell’s War, is available in ebook and trade paperback editions. Follow the link to learn more and buy now. Audiobook in the works for publication late 2021.

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