Short Stories

short stories
AffEctive Disorder
A Fistful of Monopoles
Bodacious Ursula and the Phone Call from Hell
Carnival in Sorgenbach
Fritz Bauer and the Courtesan of Paris
Iphigenia of Khufu
Katalysis’ Heart
Kunbarra and the Whiteants

La Rubia

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La Rubia
Loovy and the Lava
Lyin’ EIAS
Mike Fink Goes To Big Bend
Minnie and the Trekker
Nine Views of Transco Tower, by Iak/Sohu
On the Road to Sibiu
Pase de un Día
Private Keys
Return Blessing
Riddlepigs and the Cryla

Selling Short

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Selling Short
Seven Out
Strike Prices
Ted Williams Eyes
The Everpink Slaughter
The Evidence of Things Seen
The Imitation of Christ
The Malabar Coast
There’s No “I” In Teamosalynol
The Ultimate Wager
The van der Rohe Forgery
The White Witch of Bendugu
Aalund’s Final Mission
Sputniki Yupitera
Paytron of the Arts
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