New sci fi story – Iphigenia of Khufu

Cover of "Iphigenia of Khufu" by Raymund Eich

Questions of meaning and purpose, for societies and individuals, abound in my latest published story. Iphigenia of Khufu is available now in ebook (only 99c) and print single ($7.99, ISBN 979-8856743158).

The colonists of the asteroid Khufu, and colonists with similar cultures on two other asteroids, have figured out a solution for the damage the harsh environment of space can inflict on the gene pools of small, isolated communities.

A solution that repels Iphigenia, rebellious daughter of one of Khufu’s leaders, and moves her to take bold action when a rare spacejock docks his ship.

Learn more about Iphigenia of Khufu at the story’s book page, or click one of the links below to buy:

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