New sci-fi story: Sputniki Yupitera

A new interplanetary science fiction short story is available today. Sputniki Yupitera (Russian for “the moons of Jupiter”) is available in ebook everywhere, print single at Amazon (or use ISBN 9798877315204), and digitally-narrated audio (at

There’s an anecdote attributed to American science fiction writer Ray Bradbury that came to mind as I wrote this story. Someone asked Bradbury if he wrote science fiction to predict the future.

His reply? “I hope not.”

(Here’s a different quote, but the sentiment is the same).

True, the future Sputniki Yupitera depicts has some positive elements–interplanetary travel, colonies on the moons of Jupiter, and people with an opportunity to build a better future for themselves and their communities.

The backstory, though… a USA dominated by Chinese occupiers… a puppet government installed in Washington DC… and the only interplanetary travel taking place on Russian ships like Sputniki Yupitera

Not a future I want for my family, or anyone’s. If this story does anything to help prevent that backstory from becoming the world’s future, I’ll be pleased.

Cover of "Sputniki Yupitera" by Raymund Eich

About “Sputniki Yupitera”

Americans under the thumb of interplanetary Russians.

Can they strike a blow for solar system freedom?

Andrew wanted a new start, far from a fallen USA under foreign hegemony. The American colony on a moon of Jupiter needed nuclear power technicians like him. To get there, he must journey for months on board a Russian ship.

Not alone. Locked in with fellow American colonists who proclaim the New Covenant, just like him. But soon he discovers they worship God and venerate the Presidents with far more piety than he feels. Can he share their intense level of faith? Or fake it?

If he fails, he’ll end up scorned by every American he’ll ever meet. For five months trapped on the ship. For the rest of his life in the cramped tunnels of a Jovian moon.

Then the leader’s beautiful and headstrong daughter enlists him in a daring plan promising new hope for Americans across the solar system.

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Click on the book’s page, to read a preview and follow links to bookstore sites, including Ebook just $0.99 (print $7.99)

Happy reading!

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