Boundary Shock Quarterly #17: Dieselpunk

Boundary Shock Quarterly #17: Dieselpunk

Art Deco meets Industrialism.Style, science, and exploration, all rolled up into one gritty, interwar adventure.

Art Deco meets Industrialism. Style, science, and exploration, all rolled up into one gritty, interwar adventure.

Come explore plucky dames and lantern-jawed heroes facing down evil and inventing the future with issue 017 of Boundary Shock Quarterly.

Includes stories by Ron Collins, Raymund Eich, Joel Ewy, Voss Foster, Richard Ed. Jones, M. E. Owen, Stephannie Tallent, Tami Veldura, and Blaze Ward.

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About the Book

Featuring “Fritz Bauer and the Courtesan of Paris,” by Raymund Eich

The Great War ended in 1916.

Only one man can turn the armistice into a lasting peace.

Paris. 1922. Fritz Bauer arrives on a delicate mission: coordinate with his counterparts in French intelligence to ensure the safety of a German prince on a secret visit to the City of Lights.

Working in the shadows, can Fritz protect the prince from Parisians who resent France’s past defeat and dream of revenge? Or will an assassination set off another conflict even more devastating than the Great War?

Genres: Alternate History, Dieselpunk, Science Fiction
Tag: anthologies
Publisher: Knotted Road Press, Inc.
Publication Year: 2022
ISBN: 9798796019900
List Price: $14.99
eBook Price: $4.99
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