James Bond in Space!?

As you might have noticed from my homepage, I’ve been working on a series of science fiction spy thrillers. And yes, one of my internal code names for this project is James Bond in Space.

I watched my first James Bond movie at around the same age as I became a science fiction addict, so the two genres feed off one another in my subconscious for that reason. But not just that reason. Both genres have the same roots in pulpy, male-oriented action-adventure fiction.

Fiendish villains? Check. Plotting to unleash high-tech horrors in a bid for world domination? Check. Stalwart heroes out to stop them? Check. Treacherous yet beautiful women only our heroes can tame? Check. That’s all great fun regardless of the genre label. Especially with some twists and turns on the formula to throw surprises your way.

Sounds like your kind of series? Book 1, The Progress of Mankind is available now in ebook, paperback, and audiobook. Book 2, The Greater Glory of God is available for ebook preorder now. Paperback available May 3. Audibook coming later in May. Book 3 is in the publishing pipeline and the fourth and final book is under draft.

Still not convinced?  Don’t take my word for it. Sfreader.com called The Progress of Mankind “[A] thriller-style science fiction tale that’s a quick and fun read…. A good start to a promising series.”

I’ll be back soon to talk about the cover art for the series, where the titles came from, and how Larry Niven has nothing to do with The Greater Glory of God.