There Goes My Streak

After correctly predicting the last four SFWA Grand Masters (here and here), I missed badly in 2017. No, it wasn’t Dan Simmons. Instead, Jane Yolen won this year’s honor.

My overall response is meh. Nothing against Ms. Yolen, but I think she’s the first Grand Master whose books I’ve never read. Wait, check that, we have some of her “How Do Dinosaurs….” series of children’s books around the house.

Time to climb back on that horse (or that limb) and make a prediction for 2018. Not Simmons again; instead, I’ll predict someone whose sf output from the ’70s and ’80s had moments of great strength, and who has dominated the blockbuster fantasy mindspace for about 20 years now. (Remember, the F in SFWA stands for “Fiction and Fantasy”):

George R. R. Martin.