Welcome to my worlds

I’m Raymund Eich, author of over a dozen science fiction and fantasy novels and about twenty short stories. I’ve written military science fiction set a thousand years in the future (The Confederated Worlds series), wormhole-spanning espionage adventures (the Stone Chalmers series), and a variety of other novels and stories set on Earth, deep space, alien planets, or fantastic worlds.

My website tagline is From Middle America to the Ends of the Universe. What does that mean?

  • Though not all, most of my lead characters are straight white men. Write what you know.
  • Whatever their demographic, I treat all my characters with respect. Respect means I depict them all, hero or villain, major or minor, including women and minorities as real people, warts and all, some good and some evil, and not as politically correct caricatures of moral superiority.
  • It’s very likely that religion will be a major part of the human future. My reasons why are set forth in this blog series (1) (2) (3) (4).
  • Skillful, honest, hard-working scientists and engineers can solve most of the world’s problems—and the biggest obstacle they face is corrupt, inept, or evil special interests.

If any of those points turn you off, no worries. You have so many choices in today’s science fiction marketplace that you can find other writers better aligned with your tastes.

On the other hand, if you want to learn more about my worlds, the links in the banner above will give you more information about my titles and where you can find them.

Happy reading!


You can find ten of my short stories in Stage Separations, the second volume in The Complete Science Fiction Stories. In these pages, you can…

  • race against time to solve mysteries hidden in a planet’s vast desert—and in a woman’s heart
  • learn the true story of a president’s assassination
  • journey 14,000 miles to a high-tech fountain of youth
  • win or go “home”—to an Earth you’ve never seen

and explore six of my other worlds. Collects The ALECS Quartet, Private Keys, Carnival in Sorgenbach, Pase de un Día, There’s No ‘I’ in Teamosalynol, Ted Williams Eyes, The Malabar Coast, The Everpink Slaughter, Worldship Triplets, and The Ultimate Wager. Follow this link to learn more.