Stone Chalmers #3 – now available!

After foiling threats to the UN poised by the colony worlds of New Moravia and Trinity, top operative Stone Chalmers’ third mission takes him to the newly-rediscovered colony of Minerva in To All High Emprise Consecrated (Stone Chalmers #3). Where he encounters the greatest threat of all….

Earth barely survived the 21st Century.

Now, in the 22nd, after unifying Earth, the UN has rediscovered the colony of Minerva. Prosperous and technologically advanced, Minerva quickly submits to UN supremacy.

Surprisingly quickly…

Operative: Stone Chalmers
Codename: Hybrid
Cover Story: Hypnotically implanted
Mission: Investigate newly-rediscovered colony world

On Minerva, while workers prepare to place a wormhole link to Earth, Stone infiltrates a secretive cult, and unearths a plot to shake to the core the foundations of the United Nations’ power over the settled galaxy.

And shake Stone to his own core as well.

Available now in ebook and print formats. Ebook $4.99, Print $9.99.
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Audio edition coming fall 2018.