A solitary spacejock can set millions free in this interstellar adventure!

The Reincarnation Run

Solitary spacejock Landry Krieger eked out a living transporting data throughout the Settled Galaxy—and boosted his income by smuggling people into and out of star systems past the watchful eyes of governments, in hiding places he built in his ship, Midnight Angel.

When the priests of Tao Pacem sought his services, he resisted. Brown robes? Yin-yang symbols? A plan to sneak the reincarnation of their spiritual leader to their conquered homeworld, to spark a rebellion against their oppressors? After earlier experiences with religious leaders, he would need far more than three hundred thousand galaxycoins to say yes.

He got it when an arrogant agent of the oppressors tried to scare him off the job. But Landry will need more than contempt for tyrants to deliver his passengers to their destination. To survive threats of brain reprogramming and death. To bring about a new era for millions of people in the Settled Galaxy.

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AffEctive Disorder

A hard-boiled private eye meets a high-tech mystery, in this short story by the author of the Stone Chalmers interstellar espionage series

A multi-millionaire heiress commits suicide after a biotech company implants an experimental treatment device in her brain. Her grieving, lawyer husband sues the company for millions more.

In comes a private investigator, ex-cop Albert Jimenez. Hired by the biotech company to dig up dirt on the “grieving” husband. Albert expected the usual: greed, a mistress, emotional manipulation, a marriage on the rocks.

Instead he found something far more sinister. Questions of brain chemicals and free will.

Questions of what it means to be human.

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