New Short Novel – Winner and the Poacher – out now

Cover of "Winner and the Poacher" by Raymund Eich

Following up on “Riddlepigs and the Cryla” (originally published in Analog Jan/Feb 2021, and in ebook and print singles editions by CV-2 Books), I’m pleased to announce the second title in the Portia Oakeshott, Dinosaur Veterinarian series is now available. Both ebook and print editions. Click here to learn more.

About the series:

As a girl, Portia Oakeshott dreamed of caring for the reconstructed dinosaurs roaming the preserve near the south pole of her hot home planet, New New South Wales.

As a graduate from the planet’s top veterinary school and a recent hire by the dinosaur company, caring for dinosaurs brings Portia into conflict with ranchers, spoiled children, villainous millionaires, religious fanatics, and politicians. Her adventures take her from the “big smoke” to the “back of Bourke”—from the bustling city of Port Bounty, across a continent of vast fields where farmers raise pigs containing cloned human organs, to the lush Cretaceous forests at the bottom of a world.

These five short fictions include “Riddlepigs and the Cryla” and “Minnie and the Trekker,” previously published in Analog.