ShadowQuest at Great Wolf Lodge, Grapevine, TX – location guide

My wife and I have taken our kids to Great Wolf Lodge in Grapevine (middle of the DFW metroplex) more times than I can count. Enough that goodie buckets of chips, candies, and fruit waited for us in the room. We’ve gone a lot less often in the past couple of years, for reasons you can probably understand. But we went back recently, before the kids returned to school.

In addition to the indoor/outdoor waterpark, Great Wolf Lodge has several live-action role-playing-ish games, starting with MagiQuest. The gist of these games is, buy the kids a magic wand that they can wave at various locations around the hotel to be assigned a quest, pick up magic items, interact with good guys, battle monsters, etc. Not quite a genre I’ve written in to date–A River Through Earth is the closest I’ve gotten–but still a lot of fun, even though our oldest completed all the games a couple of years ago.

This most recent trip, our youngest completed ShadowQuest. This is the second tier of games in terms of difficulty. While we ran around the hotel this time, I took notes of where various items, etc. are found. As a public service, I’ll provide the list here, for anyone running around the hotel trying to remember where things are. It’s up to you to figure out from the guidebook or the start-of-quest video which ones you need and in which order.

1: pirate ship cove, stars; snowshoes, med white, med yellow;
2: slow green, spyglass; slow red, city; swamp, slow yellow, lady in leaves
3: slow white, campfire of ice; slow blue,
4: fast blue; forest mana falls; fast white, fast red, fast yellow, fast green
5: ice crystals, key; med green, top hat
6: boss battle
7: hammer and pick; mountain, owl
8: med blue, lady in wall

Let me know if anything’s incorrect. You can email me through the Contact page (see menu bar), or post a comment here.