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New sci-fi story: Sputniki Yupitera

A new interplanetary science fiction short story is available today. Sputniki Yupitera (Russian for “the moons of Jupiter”) is available in ebook everywhere, print single at Amazon (or use ISBN 9798877315204), and digitally-narrated audio (at There’s an anecdote attributed to American science fiction writer Ray Bradbury that came to mind as I wrote this […]

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Elon Musk, the Fermi Paradox, & religious motivations for space settlement

Long article about Elon Musk at Aeon. Musk, along with Peter Thiel, is one of the few modern capitalists who resembles the Heinlein hero D.D.Harriman (or one of Ayn Rand’s late-career male lead characters): an innovator who wants to remake the world of possibilities, expand the pie for everyone, and grab a big slice of

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Novel Acorn: Operation Iago

Quick note: this blog post may look familiar to my mailing list subscribers. It was one of those exclusive, pre-release bonuses my mailing list subscribers received almost three weeks ago, and almost a week before Operation Iago became available. You can get similar bonus content about my next books by subscribing now. Scroll down on

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My Detcon1 Schedule

I’ll be attending Detcon1, this year’s NASFiC, next Thursday and Friday, July 17-18. (Yes, July 17 will be a busy day for me). Here’s my schedule. Hope to see you! Thursday, 17 July 5pm Reading: Daniel/Eich/Thyer Joliet A Tracks: Literature Types: Reading Raymund Eich, Matthew Alan Thyer, Tony Daniel Tony Daniel, Raymund Eich, and Matthew

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