Wondering about Wonder

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My wife recently listened to a podcast that talked about dimensions of the human psyche. That sounds heavy, I know, but it’s lighter than it sounds.

One of the dimensions it talked about was whether people view the world as an interesting place or a dull one. Interesting, meaning full of curiosities and new things.

In other words, wonder.

I assume you like wonder. You read science fiction (and maybe a little fantasy), after all. But as my wife and I walked and talked, the conversation reminded me that wonder isn’t just a product of rocket launches, space battles, or wizarding duels.

Wonder can be found anywhere. In the Southwest Airlines flight descending toward Hobby airport through a pale blue sky. In the hydraulic jacks lifting a ten-ton truck off the street and the cherry-picker on top lifting workers 50 feet into the air. In the live oak pollen blanketing the backyard.

I encourage you to take a minute and think about something that seems commonplace, but is actually full of curiosity and uniqueness. It’s right there, very close to you. I promise.

Found it? Thought about it? No promises, but you might feel happier today for having done that.

And don’t worry, you haven’t cheated on science fiction or fantasy by looking for wonder in the mundane world. You’ve actually made yourself a better sf/f fan by practicing the wonder-seeking part of your brain. Win/win!